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What is a Medicare Supplement Insurance?

Should You Buy a Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan?

Supplemental Insurance
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Senior Couple Shocked by Prescription Drug Costs

Medicare supplement insurance, often referred to as "Medigap" health insurance, takes care of the health care bills left owing after Medicare is done paying. These bills arise due to coinsurance and deductibles. For Medicare Part B, your coinsurance is currently 20 percent. Depending on the condition you are treated for, that can still amount to many thousands of dollars. People get Medicare supplement insurance to avoid suddenly being on the hook for huge amounts of money like that.
That said, not everyone will find that they really need Medigap health insurance. This is simply because not everyone will have an expensive condition to treat, even in advanced age.
Because of this, it is common for people to evaluate their need for it based on a few factors. One is their current general health. Someone who is "as healthy as a horse" is relatively safe in not adding Medigap coverage. Meanwhile, a person who is frail, feels generally unhealthy, or already has an ongoing condition will likely find it worth it to add the extra protection. A feeling of general unwellness or lack of strength is a warning bell that something expensive may well be coming up, so buying Medicare supplement insurance is a good bet in these cases.
After a certain age, Medicare supplement insurance is always a good idea. That's because no matter what we do, human bodies eventually develop problems. While some manage to make it through life with no lingering illness, it's more common for costs to mount near the end. Then, having extra coverage not only protects you from financial worry, but saves your heirs from dealing with lingering bills. Since you never know what will happen in your last few years, getting plenty of health insurance is a good idea.

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