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Resources that will SAVE You Money$ on your Prescription Medications
What is a Medicare
Prescription Drug Plan?

Medicare Part D, the prescription drug benefit, is the part of Medicare that covers most outpatient prescription drugs. Part D is offered through private companies either as a stand-alone plan, for those enrolled in Original Medicare, or as a set of benefits included with your Medicare Advantage Plan.

Senior Couple - Rx Shocked by their Prescription Drug Costs!
2023 Federal Medicare Part D
Standard Cost-Sharing
2023 Medicare part-d-cost-sharing-chart
2022 Federal Medicare Part D
Standard Cost-Sharing
2022 Medicare part-d-cost-sharing-chart
Extra Help with your Medicare Prescription Drug Costs

Extra Help is a federal program that helps pay for some to most of the out-of-pocket costs of Medicare prescription drug coverage. It is also known as the Part D Low-Income Subsidy (LIS).

What help can I receive?

Medicare beneficiaries can qualify for Extra Help with their Medicare prescription drug plan costs. The Extra Help is estimated to be worth about $4,900 per year. To qualify for the Extra Help, a person must be receiving Medicare, have limited resources and income, and reside in one of the 50 States or the District of Columbia.

Medicare Prescription Drug Costs
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